Lutsk "uproschentsy" in January paid to the budget over four million

single tax payer - legal entities and individual entrepreneurs and Lutsk Lutsk region in January 2015, paid to the budget of 4.3 million, which is 300 thousand more compared to the same period last year - said the head ofincome and taxes on individuals Lutsk LIGHTS Main Department of DFS in Volyn region Igor notworth. The majority of the amounts paid by entrepreneurs - individuals - 3.4 million. Legal persons determined to budget - 0.9 million. "According to statistics, inspection in January of this year, 7665 individuals - entrepreneurs chose cForgiveness taxation. The most popular among taxpayers is the second group of simplified taxation, which is 4131 person in 2029 simplified find themselves attractive to the third group and the first group of presumptive chosen - 1505 entrepreneurs ", - said Igor V.. The official notes taxpayers a necessaryunity of timely payments from the budget. Indeed, for non-payment of advance payments of the single tax for two consecutive quarters taxpayer certificate may be revoked by the relevant decision of the DFS. Recall that the Law of Ukraine on December 28, 2014 71-VIII "On Amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine andUkraine's laws (on tax reform) "reduced from 6 to 4 groups single taxpayers. Cektor communications Lutsk LIGHTS This was reported in Lutsk City Council