Otar Dovzhenko: Our mania forgiveness - a set of offerings enemies grateful for your attention Our

Mania forgiveness - is a nasty inferiority complex, the eternal victim, enemies already grateful for what they pay attention to it. Otar Dovzhenko. Photo: ZIK This was yesterday, February 22, on its Facebook page written media experts, Ukrainian teacher catholyteytskoho University Otar Dovzhenko. According to him, « shnye this holiday (Forgiveness Sunday, – ed.) Ought to be our main national feast & raquo ;. &Laquo; because we know how, oh, we know how – forgive enemies, enemies compassion, put yourself in the shoes of enemies to shift the blame for higher infernal enemy force search and findand excuse and d ’ yakshuyuchi circumstances considered enemies are not enemies and bring it outside, stand in defense of enemies and those who helps them to die for their right to express their opinions and beliefs freely, cheer to their God forbid not called enemies (heytspich!) are not discriminated against to enemies that something is not thought nor Mr.okazaly in its hostile TV & raquo ;, – Dovzhenko wrote. He noted that « there is nothing Christian & raquo ;: « Christian readiness to forgive – This position is strong, confident, whole person. It means you caused me harm, but you can not take away from me the most basic and most important, whatI have in my heart, and any other harm me, after all, is not that terrible & raquo ;. According Dovzhenko, our forgiveness Mania – &Laquo; this is a nasty inferiority complex, the eternal victim, enemies already grateful for what they pay attention to it & raquo ;. &Laquo; If I hit a board, then my board superseded way one's fist, and therefore,I blame. Sonny, you don ushybsya? &Ndash; sprosilo syertse matyeri & raquo ;, – adds media experts. He noted that the position of the aggressor (not just « & raquo ;, Putin and Gda?sk and society which mainly supports aggression) at the beginning of the Russian invasion this: « Da View a smeete zaschyschatsya? & Raquo ;. &Laquo; This scared « Yes As I seeeyu zaschyschatsya? » rings in each post on protection quilted jacket and followers on February 23, in each of Posts « not all the same Russians & raquo ;, in appeals not act like layfnyus and appeals to Russian students & raquo ;, – reads the post. &Laquo; Is death and injury to come in every family to natural human attitude tothose who kill and injure us – and to those who support these freaks money, words, curses in social networks or anything, – replaced this quality sheep? & raquo ;, – asks Dovzhenko. Told

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