Yevroprotokol - simplified mechanism design accident (+ photos)

Since September 2011 came into force the Law of Ukraine "On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine concerning accidents and insurance compensation." This piece of legislation was introduced simplified mechanism design accident with minor effects by drawingI reported the accident (Yevroprotokolu) and other innovations aimed at bringing liability insurance car owners with international standards and insurance claims handling. It should be noted that due to the use Yevroprotokolu, less time for the release of roadway damaged cars. AndSomebody way solved the problem of congestion in large cities, and consequently save your own time. Unfortunately, the use of this practice did not become popular among the citizens of Ukraine. As of 2014, only 7% of the accident victims were executed without using Yevroprotokolu. One of the joint meeting of representatives of the State and MotorFirst (Transport) Insurance Bureau of Ukraine was suggested during training in driving schools, students focus on explaining the procedures for obtaining "minor" accident and drawing Yevroprotokolu. Therefore, the main goal of the MIA and insurance companies to inform citizens: Yevroprotokol - a form uniform throughout Europe sample zapovnyuyetXia drivers participating accidents at the site of the accident. Ukrainian legislation defined as "Notice of accident." Later it became the basis for the payment of insurance compensation to the injured party in an accident. It should be noted that as a result the accident received mechanical damage to vehicles - a question only in areas without insurancefrequent public authorities. Helmsman same vehicle got into an accident, can use Yevroprotokolom only if the following circumstances: - Participants accident is only provided policy MTPL vehicles - No injured (dead) people - The drivers of these vehicles have agreed on the circumstances of DTP, - Drivers no signs of alcohol, drugs or other intoxication or being under the influence of drugs. If drivers via mutually benefited Yevroprotokolom its design and signature, they are: - Have the right to leave the scene of an accident, - Exempt from the obligation to inform the State Ministry Ukrayius about the occurrence of accidents - Exempt from administrative liability provided for causing the accident. However, in case of at least one of the mandatory conditions for Yevroprotokolu, call the police employee for compulsory registration of accidents! The law clearly stipulates that the insurer must provide the policyholder form on YevroprotokoSta. It is assumed that Yevroprotokolu forms shall be issued free of charge motorists during the contract compulsory insurance of civil liability of owners of vehicles. If the insurer uses its form, it can contact their insurer for a new one. If there was an accident, the results of whichwas filled Yevroprotokol, the accident participants not later than three working days from the date of accident consult with your copy of the completed Yevroprotokolu to the insurer, which entered into a contract of compulsory insurance of civil liability of owners of vehicles. See the "Instructions for filling postsDisplay of on accident "and" Information-clarifying materials on their Notice of road transport-on adventure "can also be the site of the Motor (Transport) Insurance Bureau of Ukraine. INSTRUCTIONS FOR COMPLETING THE NOTICE traffic accidents (PHOTOS) Instruction defines the conditions filling etc. Noticeorozhno accident, which provided the Insurer or (Transport) Insurance Bureau of Ukraine driver of the vehicle pursuant to subparagraph 33.1.4 paragraph 33.1 of Article 33 of the Law of Ukraine "On compulsory insurance of civil liability of owners of vehicles" and use Typical schemes road-transportnyh adventure and responsibility of the distribution of the accident for damage caused in the documents on road accidents without Unauthorised police. ATTENTION! Older than fill Notice accident advise you on appropriate technicalmeans, to photograph the scene and both vehicles involved in the accident. These photos provide the insurer with notice of an accident. 1. Notice of accident (hereinafter - Notification) - established by written notice (Transport) ArtRahov Bureau of Ukraine (hereinafter - MTSBU) model, which provided the Insurer or MTIBU driver of the vehicle involved in the accident. 2. The report is filled and signed by the drivers of vehicles involved in the accident (hereinafter - RTA). The message can shape one of the driversin only if the execution was carried accident by authorized police officers. 3. In drawing up the inquiry is only one set of documents consisting of three pages: title page, the original and a copy of any by accident. 4. Notification filled accurately, legibly by hand balling handle, preferably in capital letters, while necessarily indicate all the information about each participant accident. Choosing member column (yellow or blue) is irrelevant. 5. In the event of an accident involving only secured vehicles, in the absence of injured (dead) people, and with the consent of the drivers of these vehicleson the circumstances of its commission, if they have signs of alcohol, drugs or other intoxication or being under the influence of drugs that reduce attention and reaction time, these drivers have the right to jointly make inquiry. In this case, drivers of vehicles after taking the inquiry have the right to leave the scene of an accident and ZVIlnyayutsya from the obligation to inform the State Ministry of Ukraine of its occurrence. 6. Amendment of Communication flatly prohibited. Instead spoiled another form filled. ATTENTION! Only after signing Posts drivers - members of accidents sheets are separated for each of the drivers. 7. Completion Message: 7.1. Pointand 1, 2 are filled according to the actual date and time of occurrence of an accident with an indication of the accident; 7.2. Paragraphs 3, 4 Notification true statement marked with an "X"; 7.3. In paragraph 5, information on the accident witnesses. If witnesses an accident not installed or absent, at this point is recorded, such as "not found" or "absenceno "; 7.4. Paragraph 6 states information about the insured according to the policy of compulsory insurance of civil liability of owners of vehicles or "Green Card" (hereinafter the certificate of insurance); 7.5. Paragraph 7 is filled according to the certificate of registration of the vehicle and fear Certificateuvannya. The information in these documents should be consistent; 7.6. Item 8 is filled according to the Certificate of Insurance. The field "YES" paragraph 8 "Does the policy cover damage to the vehicle?" Marked with an "X" in the presence of a voluntary insurance of vehicles (CASCO); 7.7. Item 9 is filled according todriver's license - by accident. Also the driver - accident participant said her phone number or email address (e-mail) and address of residence; 7.8. In paragraph 10, the arrow should indicate the direction and location of the initial impact (primary contact); 7.9. Paragraph 11 shall indicate briefly visible damage to each vehicle; 7.10. In theparagraph 12 (1-17 cells) marked the sign "X" circumstances relevant and describing the accident. ATTENTION! Be sure to indicate the number marked with "X" cells; 7.11. In paragraph 13 displayed: location of vehicles A and B at the time of the accident arrow direction of their movement, traffic signs and markings, street names or dorig To indicate the used car mark ""; To separate image bands perehrestkiv streets and used the mark "? ""? ""? "; 7.12. Paragraph 14 provided additional information that is not contained in the messages and that the driver of the vehicle deems necessary to state. If necessary, permitted Useing additional sheet. In this case, paragraph 14 Message be entered "additional explanations on ___ sheets attached"; 7.13. Paragraph 15 refers signature (signatures) of the person (s) who designed the (decorations) Notices.