In exactly the settlers told all employment opportunities Meeting

residents of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, temporarily residing in the Rivne region on 21 February in the premises of the Rivne Oblast Library. Participating in the event were Deputy Director of Regional Employment Tatiana Novorok and Deputy DirectorRivne Employment Svetlana Rotar. People who had to leave their homes, shared their problems and discussed the urgency with local authorities and social services. Communicate with them came Rivne Deputy Mayor Sergei Vasylchuk. There were lawyers, representatives of migration services, social Matystu population, psychologists, volunteers, rescue workers. The main purpose of the meeting was that people who were forced to leave areas of ATO, met and shared their problems and positive experience. - We are building a new reality and learn to live with wheels, so everything that we learn immediately begin to practice,- The head of the Rivne branch of the NGO "All-Ukrainian Union forced displaced persons" Ukraine - my family "Boris Pasychnyuk. Therefore, the meeting was a lot of questions concerning virtually all spheres of life, including employment. - The reality is that, unfortunately, it is difficult to fully meet the needs ofemployment, - said the deputy director of the regional employment center Tatiana Novorok. - The labor market is crowded, the industrial sector is not working, and our small branch direction different area. Therefore, in order to help internally displaced people, with each of them at employment centers goes hard individual work. People Co.Three come mostly with specialties of our region can not find jobs. Therefore Tatiana Novorok emphasized the different versions retraining other professions more in demand in the labor market of Rivne. She also spoke about the possibility of temporary employment, especially in public works, the mechanism of launching aher case. Answers to specific questions professionally provided deputy director of Rivne City Employment Center Svetlana Rotar. Also present were explanations about legislative changes in the field of social protection, resettlement opportunities, health care, education and upbringing, recover lost documents and more. This is the communicationdomyly in Rivne city employment center