Ternopil region: February 11, having four fire

At 14:14 there was a fire in the room private house in the village of Sloboda Gold Kozova area. The fire destroyed consumer electronics, household goods, damaged ceiling and roof area of ??40 square meters on Probably a fire mains lead short circuit caused whippeding up 70 thousand. The fire was eliminated firefighters 18th state of the Fire and Rescue Department. During the fighting they rescued two outbuildings and valuables worth about 120 thousand UAH. At 22:14 there was a fire in a private dwelling Terebovlia outside Dovbusha 29. The fire destroyed floors and Mrokrivlyu an area of ??80 square meters, damaged household items. The cause of the fire is under investigation. The fire was extinguished guard next 12 State of the Fire and Rescue Department. During the exploration firefighters found and rescued gave first aid to employees 37-year-old owner of the house, with diagnosisozom « acute carbon monoxide poisoning & raquo ;. When fighting a fire rescued house, all belongings are of about 100 thousand. Also Feb. 11 to control operational and service management DSNS twice received reports of a fire door residential apartments means: at 16:00 – Street JosephBlind and 1, and at 18:00 – Street Copernicus, 9. ignition eliminated locals. Probably both fires caused by arson. In both cases it was damaged door leaf. The amount under investigation.

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/