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In the Rivne region village PLAST day in Kuznetsovsku

specialists Kuznetsovsky Employment Center took part in the festival scouts that took place at the secondary school 5 Kuznetsovsk In the traditional circle of friends gathered Kuznetsovsky scouts not only summing up his level of traffic, but also for vidznanite 17th anniversary of the registration of the NGO city "Stanytsia Kuznetskov Plast - National Scout Organization of Ukraine." Congratulated children longtime friend Stephen Zhdanyuk village, Specialist Department of Family and Youth Oleg Abramovich, head of active support Kuznetsovsky Employment Center Ruslan Yaroschuk. There were greetings from Rivne scouts. Employment Representative briefed the audience on the services of employment, labor market relevant professions. Ruslan Yaroshchuk presented Rivne Center of Vocational Education PES. She described the learning environment, strong material and technical base institution prevahu professions for which nroponuyetsya training. "Every person is talented, but it is important to choose the right type of professional activity that will help reveal this talent. Therefore Employment specialists using AS "Optant Plus" will help you determine the range of their interests, abilities through testing and compare them with the realities and prospects of the local market claimright ", - said in his speech Ruslana Yaroshchuk. The youngest scouts Acne Zgurskiy and Daria Yaroshchuk confirmed the title of plastuns-Nowak and received yellow handkerchief novatski. Oleksandr Sushko and Maxim Matyushi linked youthful crimson handkerchief, Yuri and Ivan Yaruti Bosyku were provided by a third celebration of the Village, and Boris was BurakPlast oath. After the official part of the scouts showed participants a mini-festival performances of the profession bartender, waiter, administrator, teacher, etc. (director - 11th grade student Emma Mursaliyeva). It was nice to watch the kids for their creative output chosen trades that are currently in demand in the city. The information wasRivne city employment center