City officials, students and the public honored Memory commander UPA- "North" Klim Savur. It was not exactly

'70 morning at the monument of the commander UPA- "North" Klim Savur (Dmitry Klyachkivskyy) on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the death of this great leader of the liberation movement took place lesson historical memory. Near the former NKVD prison withStudents were taken, the representatives of local and regional authorities, and the public. This year's student government representatives had historical memory lesson, told the audience about the life of the hero and services for Ukrainian people. In addition, students of secondary schools in the city, in addition to stories about the life of Dmitry Klyachkivskyy, read quotes people who personallyknew it haves. - It is important that there is now organized children. This is apzhlyvo from all points of view. I remember last year we met here, too. Look at how everything was important. It seems that it's deja vu. What happened then - repeated now - says the mayor of Rivne Volodymyr Khomko. Also'yat hero observed a minute of silence. Ended solemn commemoration statesman laid flowers to the memorial. "Another very important detail: in my opinion, before you choose a person to a certain position - from the mayor to the president, it is necessary to force his exam in history. Not passed the exam - did not become mayor or Bureauxentom. If Putin knew the story well, perhaps all that is happening now and there would be, "- said the mayor. This was reported in the Rivne City Council