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At the State Vinnytsia workers arrested 17 year old driver who abducted villagers in by car. (+ Photos)

Tulchyn area in the State workers stopped the car, which kidnapped 17 year old man with a resident. ODAI, Tulchinsky district. February 20 late at night, when traffic control in the village. Odaya, Tulchinsky district Incepektoram SAI unsighted Car « VAZ-2101 » red. Stopping light vehicles, road guards noticed the nervous driver behavior, and were now 17 years since the driver ran by car without a driver's license and registration documents. In addition to the driver in the car impressed young girl with a ’ yasuvalys then they just rode the streets of the settlement. Asked inspectors who belongs where and by car registration documents? Helmsman did not explain able. After checking the car in automated databases available, it was found that the car belongs to 70 year old local resident. Rozshukavshy grandfather ownercar, he pretty surprised because was sure that by car is in the garage. The situation was caused by the investigative team that documented the abduction, the car delivered to the arrest platform. This was reported in the press service of the State Ministry of Internal Affairs in Vinnitsa region