In the Rivne region prompt action prevented rescuers fire destroyed a house

February 11 at 12:55 to the Rescue by phone « 101 » received a report of a fire in Dubno Lane Stefanik. At the address promptly went another guard 5th State Fire and Rescue Directorate of DSNS led by chiefcom captain Victor civil protection Mishchuk. On arrival rescuers found the burning roof of a residential house. The people in the house were not. As directed by the Head of the State Service of the National Assembly fighters using fire escape promptly filed for fire extinguishing water barrel. At 13:13 the fire was localized, and at 13:35&Ndash; completely eliminated. Flame ’ I only had time to destroy 1 sq.m. roof form the fireplace at home. Currently cause of the fire is under investigation. PG DSNS in Rivne region

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/