Eduard Leonov headed Transcarpathian regional organization VO " Freedom "

February 22, 2015 held seven regional report-election conference of the Transcarpathian PA " Freedom & quot ;. Delegates unanimously supported the proposal of the party leader Oleg Tyagnibok appoint the head of the Transcarpathian " Freedom " Eduard Leonov. Also pid the conference discussed the new concept of nationalist associations and approved the reports of the regional leadership of the party. The conference brought together 54 delegates from across the region. Svoboda heard appeals from the hospital in Sicheslav Oleg Kutsyna. Then took the floor acting head of the regional organization VO " Freedom " GamesVashenko. He spoke on progress during 2014 work, summed up the two last year's election campaign, told about svobodovtsev participation in the executive branch. &Quot; The week Ukrainian cinema in support of Oleg Sentsov, patriotic movies showing at Theater Square, lectures at the university, restore the tradition of walking on red-hotth coal, military training and camps, establishment of the first Ukrainian charitable festival in Uzhgorod " & quot ;, bulwark systematic giving blood for the wounded soldiers this is an incomplete list of initiatives embodied by 2014. Extremely important event for Transcarpathians is celebrating the creation of the Carpathian Ukraine - the first independent Ukrainenian state in the 20th century. Last year, the regional organization organized events commemorating the memory of the fallen soldiers " Carpathian Sich & quot ;, which was established in Orihovytsi memorials and at the grave in Uzhgorod, where the future will be a monument. We learned to work in government, we realized that it needed a total Formattion and willing to learn and work in it & quot ;, - said in a statement acting head of the regional organization of the Games Vashenko. Then were the spokesperson Andrew Susol and deputy head of IN " Freedom " Oleg Pankevych that the name of Oleg Tyagnibok handed proposal for appointment as head of the regional organizationaltion Ukrainian association " Freedom " Eduard Leonov. Delegates unanimously supported the candidacy. Leonov Eduard - Member of Parliament 7th convocation, the commandant of the revolutionary Cabinet, headed by a deputy to the Crimean " Freedom & quot ;. Conference also approved the first deputy head of the regional organization of the Games Vashchenkoand members of the Regional Committee. &Quot; Freedom " the only force focused on the welfare of the Ukrainian nation. Analyzing the work of the party in power at different levels, based on experience, are committed to doing just statist policies in the country. We will vyhovuvatymemo deputies and government high-level performers. Our organization will zoriyentovana on local centers for strengthening primary organizations, we will get closer to the people and receiving power, can effectively solve community problems. Since Ukraine is at war with Russia, one of the main areas of work will help increase our fighters in the East, because the authorities constantly forgets his duties. Withoutvictory will not and Ukraine. Together we have the power, we will win! &Quot; - Said the new head of the regional organization VO " Freedom " Transcarpathia. This was reported in the press service of the Transcarpathian regional organization VO " Freedom "