In Transcarpathia police detained a young man who committed a robbery at

woman in a cafe city Vinogradov armed attacker with a knife demanded money from barmenky. By Vynohradivskyi police department received a report that an unknown man armed with a knife attacked a bartender at a local cafe and took money from her and Mobilitysecond phone. On the left the scene investigative team, Operational Duty robber handed targeting all patrol outfit. Interviewing the victim, investigators found that the attacker first ordered a beer in the cafe, and when he saw him, and besides female bartender in the room is unoccupied, he decided to appropriate money from the cash register. Beneathwent to the counter and threatened with a knife barmentsi, demanded to give him money. But she did not lose and using the momentum of the attacker was able to escape and call the police. Then the attacker took with cash money, picked barmenky cell phone and fled. In search of the offender has been focused the entire personnel of the police station. The police interrogationridges all possible witnesses of the event. According to police chief Anatoly Vynogradiv Shkyrty, police arrested the attacker in a village Vinogradov District. They found 27-year-old resident of the village Sasovo previously convicted of committing serious crimes. At the end of 2014 he once again left the prison. Cam offender confessed to the crime and said that all the fault of vodka, because drinking too much, dragged it back to the "exploits" ... On this fact openly criminal proceedings under Part 2 st.187 Criminal Code of Ukraine (robbery). Forward declared suspect he is in custody. For crime attacker threatens to 10 years deprivedof will. Oksana Kobzarenko Vinogradov District Police