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We remind order processing Yevroprotokolu

Many new questions come from drivers concerning the procedures for issuing Yevroprotokolu. Due to various parts in the event of accidents including exceptions, this topic was very relevant and require additional information. So to assembly Yevroprotokolu not scared driver, explain, teachMo and recommend how to use the simplified procedure, the materials accident. What Yevroprotokol? This is a document - a form notice of the occurrence of the accident, which is filled with drivers participating accidents at the site of the accident, then provided the insurer and becomes the basis for payment of insurance victimsim. Where drivers are a form? Blank Yevroprotokolu issued free car owner when the contract compulsory insurance of civil liability of owners of vehicles. In case of loss or use the form Yevroprotokolu new form insurer has issued a written statement.Upon receipt of this form driver learns about the insurer poryadkovist action in case of accidents and order processing protocol procedure of filling In some cases, the driver can use Yevroprotokolom: When the accident occurred without injured (dead) people; Be sure to drivers participating accident must have vehicle liability policies; DrawYevroprotokolu tion must be made with the consent of drivers, members of accidents on its circumstances; When making Yevroprotokolu drivers should be sober. In case of failure of at least one compulsory for Yevroprotokolu conditions, call the road inspectors for registration mandatory accident. Tips to drivers to fill Notice torozhno accidents It is necessary to carry out photographing the scene and both vehicles involved in the accident. These photos provide insurance agent with notice of an accident. This is conclusive evidence of the commission of an accident and evidence base that will accelerate disbursement procedures for compensation of materiallosses. Also, the driver, after the commission shall immediately accident scene to call the insurance company to report the time, place, and circumstances of the accident to prove this accident. We must also note whether sober drivers because Otherwise Yevroprotokol not formed. Benefits Yevroprotokolu In our area, as well as in the Ukraine about7-10% of accidents issued under the simplified procedure, the so-called Yevroprotokolom. Of course, this number should be higher and this is due to various reasons. First drivers are afraid that fill the form correctly and will not receive compensation, secondly rarely driver perpetrator admits his guilt so you have to call outfit to determine the cause of the accident andynuvattsya. But it is important to note that when a police officer arrives he is adminprotokol the driver for violation of traffic rules, which led to the accident and the driver has to pay a fine culprit. And for Yevroprotokolom against him does not add a record, that he avoids adminotvetstvennosti. Drivers receive a refund more quickly materialnyh losses. By the month of insurance companies, if properly executed give all the money, and when the accident inspector prepares materials sent to the court and it sets the culprit and all related reasons, significantly delaying time. If there was an accident, what to do? From the initial action after an accident participants largely dependent fixation circumstances adventure, andand further evaluation of the driver (drivers) to comply with traffic rules, that is the question of who the driver is the culprit. Member of the accident must: - Follow traffic rules stipulated obligations driver involved in the accident; - Take steps to prevent or reduce furtherdamage; - Inform others involved in this adventure of themselves, their place of residence, name and location of the insurer and provide information about the insurance policies; - Immediately, but no later than three working days after the accident commit in writing to provide the insurer with which the contract compulsory insurance of civil inidpovidalnosti notice of an accident; - Keep the damaged property (vehicles) in the condition in which it was found after the accident, as long as it does not examine the representative appointed by the insurer; - Assist the insurer and MTSBU of known circumstances and provide for inspection and copying documents for accidents duringseven working days of receipt of the information or document. Members adventure alone can inspect the scene and to chart an accident, possibly involving two disinterested persons (witnesses). If drivers have used Yevroprotokolom, they are: -mayut right to leave the accident; -zvilnyayutsya from the obligation to inform the Inspectoratethe occurrence of an accident; -zvilnyayutsya from administrative liability provided for causing an accident; -povynni within three working days of the accident contact with his copy of the completed Yevroprotokolu to the insurer, which entered into a contract of compulsory insurance of civil liability of owners of vehicles SAGobiv. This simplified mechanism design accident introduced in Ukraine from 19 September 2011, when the Act came into force Ukraine "On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine concerning accidents and insurance compensation" from 17.02.2011 3045-VI. In the European Union Making an accident without representativesa traffic police started to use in the 50's of last century. Now in most EU drivers who got into an accident, just fill in the form Yevroprotokolu to arrange this event. The main side form (to fill) Yevroprotokolu structurally identical chapters in all countries where it is implemented differs onlylanguage in which the printed form. This is to ensure that drivers from different countries to quickly navigate if they get in an accident in another country. Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs UGAI Ivano-Frankivsk