Ivano-Frankivsk opened annotative board another Hero of the deceased in the area ATU

Within the city program "Ivano-Frankivsk - City of Heroes" on the facade of the secondary school 12 opened annotative board chief of staff of the 5th Battalion Territorial Defence "Carpathian" Yuri Ram February 23, 2015 under the city program "Ivano-Franing - city of heroes "paid tribute to a hero soldier who died July 8, 2014 during the anti-terrorist operation in the Donetsk region Yuri Ram. Yuri Ram is an example of a true brave Ukrainian officer. In the battle with the insidious enemy he gave the most precious - their lives - for the freedom and independence of his native Ukraine, for the sake of our future. Present at the opening of the Mayor of Ivano-Frankivsk Victor Anushkevychus, initiator program Ruslan Martsinkiv, cousins ??Hero and staff of the school thanked his family and relatives. As Victor Anushkevychus - installed on the facade of the school board Hero always remind you of heroism and self-sacrifice modern Defenders and young Pocola, Bihornnyam, school students would be an example of true patriotism, courage and honor officer. According to his wife Mary George Baran, its installation on the facade of the school are required to know their students Heroes, "I think that this commemoration is necessary. Because then the children know their heroes who defended the independence of our country. God grant that this iniyna ended, but now young people should know their heroes. " Yuri N. Ram: - Born in 1968 in the village Dobryna Iziaslav district, Khmelnitsky region; - In 1975, the first-graders went to the walls of Ivano-Frankivsk school 12, where he studied 10 years, becoming a graduate in 1985; - Also in 1985 he entered the Khmelnytskyabove Artillery Command College and graduated in 1989; - 1989 he served in many cities of Ukraine. In 2005 came the military retirement; - In May 2014 led the battalion became chief of staff, first deputy commander of the battalion "Carpathian" - Killed July 8, 2014, the day when sniper fire near the townand Amvrosiyivka Donetsk region. The officer did not have a no body armor or helmet. This was reported in Ivano-Frankivsk city council

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/