Zhytomyr vigilant citizens helped expose potential scams that have robbed pensioner and

door-bypass "benefactors" Zhytomyr flats finally ended up robbing an elderly woman who told her to believe in fables. Log onto the track and apprehend criminals one of them police helped neighbors pensioners. The detection etc.Shih accomplices continues. In the afternoon time the police called 62-year-old resident of the regional center and reported that unknown persons robbed her in a stairwell near his apartment. At the scene for a detailed clarification of the circumstances left investigative team Zhytomyr Gorotdel police. According to the applicant law enforcementThese found that close to her home south of strangers knocked on the couple who introduced themselves representatives of a financial union. They offered the hostess to get a credit card that promised benefits are attractive to the customer by a constant use of it. They say that for every borrowed amount on the card will come goodbonuses without additional interest on the loan. That's just, well, a miracle to activate a credit card, you pay a certain amount. The woman, having heard chats strangers decided to use the appropriate occasion and enroll customers in the Union. Asking wait "benefactors" stepped on the court, the hostess came back to the apartment and took custody ofAnka envelope with cash preservation to pay on the spot with them. However, recent behaved quite surprising seeing significant amount of money, the man suddenly snatched from the hands of the whole package and pensioner with companion quickly fled. Now she rid of 10 thousand dollars and 12 thousand. - To help the police came neighbors sufferedher, - said the head of Zhytomyr CF MIA Michael Soroka. - They told me that strangers to this dubious proposal went to other apartments residents of apartment buildings. In addition, they have attracted people's attention license plates, which come, namely their belonging to the Odessa region. Therefore, to identify the policemen were by carmatter of technique. The result of these events was the detention of the police operatives Gorotdel 40-year resident of Odessa and 35-year resident of. By the way, my husband has had a previous conviction for robbery committed earlier, the involvement of women to illegal acts current police check. Currently under begun under Part 2 st.186 (Gamebizh committed by prior conspiracy) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine preliminary investigation, police determine the persons minions odessite detainee and ascertain all the circumstances of the crime and other possible. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine Zhytomyr region