In the Rivne region offers employment service approved at a meeting of the regional headquarters for

persons social security number of proposals Rivne Regional Employment Center to intensify work in securing employment IDPs supported February 11 at a meeting of regional headquarters on issues relateds social security of citizens of Ukraine who moved from the temporarily occupied territories and areas of TU. Participation in the meeting was a member of staff, director of the regional employment center John Tkachuk The meeting was held regional headquarters in the extended format. Videoconference pressing social security immigrantsdiscussed along with representatives of regional institutions and regional and city staff. Participants summed up in 2014 and defined tasks for 2015. Following the meeting with the decision of staff made a number of suggestions regional employment. Among them: - Initiate the bodies of local self-government decisions on the allocation of KoshTIB local budgets for the organization of public works involving such works internally displaced persons; - To conduct extensive meetings with local headquarters involving representatives of forced displaced persons, volunteers, NGOs, social partners and employers to identify critical social problems (including nratsevlashtuvannya) among IDPs and finding solutions. John Tkachuk also made suggestions concerning the need for changes in the legal and regulatory field, including: - Initiate amendments to existing legislation in order to organize public works for IDPs by the Fund zahalnoobov'yazkovoho state social insurance of Ukraine against unemployment (currently funding of such work is carried out proportionally equal installments at the expense of local budgets and funds). - Initiate changes to the compensation employers expenses of a single fee for obligatory state juicecial insurance (approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 15.04.2013, 347) and complete the list of people in need of additional social guarantees, internally displaced persons. - Initiate amendments to existing legislation concerning the restoration of granting subsidies to employers by the Fund zahalnoobov 'compulsory state social insurance of Ukraine against unemployment to employment of IDPs. In general, in the context of assistance to immigrants for employment John Tkachuk informed that from March 1 to December 31, 2014. Employment Centres Rivne Oblast asked 542 citizens of Ukraine, who came from temporaryoccupied territories and places the counterterrorist operation. During this period, unemployment became 257 persons received payment of unemployment benefits 146 persons. Total for the direction of employment employed 111 people. It was aimed at the training, retraining and 25 people. Participated in Decemberomadskyh works and works temporary character 13 persons. Once received unemployment benefits for business organization 6 people. This was reported in Rivne city employment center