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Teeth Whitening Gel from Miradent in private dental practice

Hi. My name is Anatoly Bordunov. I work for a private dentist, my office is   Just in my house on the ground floor. Dental Practice   do   for over ten years. For this amount of time has worked with various companiesand the production and distribution of dental materials. Three   years ago accidentally came across the website "MMLAB." "MMLAB-Plus" - a trading company at the center of dental implants and prosthetics. After reviewing their products decided to order tooth bleaching gel from "Miradent." The result of bleaching gel for me pozytyvno stunned! The fact that the teeth, which I ordered, innovative of its kind. Main innovation, used in the manufacture of individual means for   whitening - gel technology Ardox-X. The basis is the patented gel formula that contains complex hydrocarbons oksoborata that whitens teeth oksidatsii process.The main difference gel bleaching Docdont White Oxygen bleaching of systems based on peroxides is that the product does not emit free radicals in the oxidation process, while not yielding to other systems in the home bleaching efficiency. Pencil can be used as a means of self-home whiteningteeth, and as maintenance therapy after clinical whitening procedures or in combination with other home whitening systems. Some of my clients even wore a bleaching gel with you: it is lightweight and compact   and has an attractive design. This bleaching gel I recommend most of their patients. MErez lack consisting teeth bleaching gel hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide, this means you can use almost any   patient. In addition, it is convenient to use, it can be used for any seals and artificial structures (implants, braces, itp) Regular use of bleaching gel "Miradent "significantly reduce the number of bacteria in the mouth. And most importantly - first pronounced effect seen within 2 weeks after the application! Order gel bleaching teeth in "MMLAB" was the first step in our cooperation. This company has been working for a long time, all the materials needed for ordering them. SPIinfor price - quality is simply superb. So, take care of their health and teeth. And if you have problems, then solve them by professional   methods. Author: Anatoly Bordunov, m. Rivne, private dentist.