In Lviv train compartment found a cache of ammunition

L'transport police are investigating the origin of ammunition found in the train compartment, among them - grenades, rocket launcher and ammunition. About them in another part of the police chief of a passenger train "Berdyansk Lviv." Suspicious discovery railroad immediately informed singingWorkers transport police. At the fifth fleet depots "Lviv" in the passenger train "Berdyansk Lviv" in the car revealed ammunition, which were wrapped in a mattress. Arriving at the place operatives, dog handlers and Explosives inspected find. When viewed compartment vybuhotehnichnoyu service found four grenades (RGD-5 - 2 pcs., The F-1 - 1pc., RHN - 1am), a signal flare and a chuck diameter of 32 mm., Length 130 mm. These munitions vybuhotehnichnoyu Service removed and sent for analysis. As ammunition were in the mattress while traffic police find out. Also, police establish identity of a person who left the ammunition in the car and for what purpose they boowere brought. Division of Public Relations Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Lviv railway