In the Transcarpathian region Berehove police seized a gun and ammunition

Within the operational-preventive operation "Weapons and explosives" law enforcement Beregovo provoyatsya measures for detection and removal of illegal trafficking of unregistered firearms and ammunition. Employee licensing system Berehivskoho police department Garagulya Athanasius was informed that the villager Muzhievo Berehiv area can keep illegal firearms. The audit confirmed the information. 21-year-old boy met police when he was heading on foot to the nearby village Kidosh. In the inner pocket of his jacket police discovered samorobnyy gun for firing ammunition caliber 5.6 mm. and three corresponding caliber ammunition. The guy explained that these bullets he accidentally found, and then decided to remodel your air pistol to fire bullets caliber 5,6 mm. In the future was going to hunt with this gun for pheasants. In this incident investigator Berehiv rayviddilu police initiated criminal proceedings under Part 1 st.263 (handling of firearms without statutory authority) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. For envisaged imprisonment from 2 to 5 years. - Recall that exempt from criminal liability a person who has committed an offense under paragraph one or two statthose 263 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, if she voluntarily surrendered authority weapons, ammunition, explosives or explosive devices, - the head Berehiv police department Lieutenant Colonel Nicholas chicken. John Denysyuk Beregovsky District Police