In Zhytomyr police exposed the young man who hunted basement stealing

guy did not hesitate even small things that found in other people's closets obnisshy number of basements in several high-rise buildings Korosten. Now police have established exactly his involvement in five of these cases. Pre-trial investigation continues. ToKorostensky Gorotdel police allegations of kidnapping household items from basements have provided high-rise residents from the end of last year. Residents of homes complained that the thief is not stopped or padlocks or barred entrances to barns. - The review on the scene, it was found that in all cases registeredUnknown penetrated in basements, pulling padlocks or picking up the keys to them. With barns disappeared household items and building materials, in fact, from a sports bike and fishing rods to. The collected trace information and evidence showed that commits theft of one and the same person, - says head Korostensky MB Internal Affairs Igor Zhmida.As a result of investigation and search operations guards managed to stumble upon a basement thief. As it turned out, young man only 22 years old, but he has previously held criminally liable for theft and illegal possession of drugs. His involvement in the new crimes he did not deny. He says tocrimes pushed his inability to find a job. Thus, stolen marketed at the local market, and that the money spent on their own needs. During the searches authorized by place of residence youngster police found stolen from the basement of the property applicants. Now the investigation proved the involvement of a detainee to five burglaries. Pre-trial investigation Part 3 185 (Theft combined with penetration into the room) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. By law, these unlawful acts are punishable by imprisonment for a term of three to six years in prison. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine Zhytomyr region, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs Korostensky MB