In Khmelnytsky attacker could not hide from law enforcement officers guilty in death of man

expert opinion showed that the victim did not die a natural death - the cause was penetrating gunshot wound aorta of the heart. Events unfolding in a village in Khmelnitsky region. That night, 34-year-old suspect and 39-year-old victim chilyvaly one company in the country with mutual friend. In the hands of drunken men got air rifle. Why suspect shot, find out the investigation. He claims he did not know that the gun is charged. And at the time of the crime on the premises of the summer kitchen, where murder, no one else was, and decided to take advantage of this intruder. Aboutand how many visible traces of blood on the victim was not, he said that a man became ill and called friends to help him. The victim tried to bring to life, and when to call the doctor arrived, he was already dead. And forensic expert opinion will put everything in its place - the victim's cause of death was a bullet penetrating hurtent aorta of the heart. Currently, the attacker is in custody. He has announced the suspicion of having committed a crime under ch. 1, Art. 115 "Murder" of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, which sanction involving deprivation of liberty for a term of 7 to 15 years. Investigative actions in criminal proceedings are ongoing. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Khmelnitskythe second region