In Lviv Oblast State Security Service police detained a thief

hypermarket in Lviv attacker end of the day trying to steal a hypermarket in Bulgarian and headphones. To prevent the crime were police protection. February 19, about 21.30 police platoon of Militia Regiment of the objects of the Office of the State withluzhby of Lviv Taras Zabrodotskyy detained 32-year-old resident of Lviv. - Man made through free access to the hypermarket theft grinders "Compass" and headphones. The total cost was stolen in 1488 hryvnia - said the guards. The attacker was taken to the Railway rayviddilku m. Lviv for further being action. In this incident opened criminal proceedings under the Criminal Code of Ukraine 185 (theft). This offense is punishable by a fine free minimum incomes, or correctional labor for up to two years, or imprisonment for up to three years. Denis Kharchuk, UDSO at the Interior Ministry Ukraine in Lvivviv region