All efforts this thing will go towards supporting Ukraine, orphans and children affected by military operations (+ photos)

Said the head of NGO "Development. Development "Irina Borzova during the presentation of this year's social project" Defile for life "that traditionally is supported by the Department of Family, Youth and Sports oblderzhadministratsiyi and charity project "Lullaby for the future", which will implement the Foundation "Without Borders" and NGO "Development. Development. " As noted by Irina Borzova: "Due to the tragic events taking place in our country for the last time, NGO" Rozvytok.Rozvytok "decided to change the format of the" Catwalkfor life ", abandoning the festivities for socially useful things. After three years with the support of Family, Youth and Sports of the International Women's ODA we organized a social project "Defile for life", the main idea of ??which was to unite women of different status, occupation and age in place during the implementation of 12 socialialno-charitable projects. A traditional end of the project was the social events of the fashion show by designers Vinnitsa, the role models were participating proektu.Odnak this year we categorically rejected of entertainment and social events in the "Catwalk for life" and directed their efforts to the Public organizationscharities, business, creative studios in the implementation of the 8 February to 8 March 12 social and charity projects. All efforts this thing will go towards supporting Ukraine, orphans and children affected by hostilities. Because I believe that spring will come in the soul of every woman, when peace comes to our land. " In turn, Helen PaulNye, Project Manager "Lullaby for the future" said schodanyy project is supported by SDC and organizing charity event to be held March 2 help NGO "Development. Development. " Talking about the purpose of the "Lullaby for the future" Elena Pavlova said: "We tried to combine formeans of good things and through culture, beauty, children's art that country, which is divisive war. The project will last a year in different cities. During the project will release disk of lullabies performed by men. We now have the first disc is already in Odessa, written in different languages. This cradle 12 nations and performedtheir men - fathers. " The disc will be presented in the winery at a charity event to be held on 2 March in the Theater. Sadowski, at 18:00. " The briefing presented most of the projects with which vinnichane and visitors can meet directly at charity event Vinnichane invited to join the charity event, the sasation help children. Invitations can be purchased at the box office of the theater. Ticket price from 50 to 100 USD. All proceeds will go to the needs of children affected by hostilities. Participants are invited ATO with their families to attend free of charge. Organizers also stressed that special holiday guests will Honored Artist of Ukraine, Hero Ukrayius - Nina Matvienko. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration