Vinnytchina: Severinovske at the village council Zhmerynka district initiated the voluntary association of communities (+ photos)

Memoranda of such work beginning February 20 signed by Chairman of Regional State Administration Anatoliy Oleinik, head Zhmerynka RSA Oleg Legeza, heads of NGOs "Podolsky Haguenaution of regional development "," How rural communes Pidlyashskoho Province "and" Civil Society Institute ". "Unfortunately, the past two decades has been a lot of talk about change and desires of the Soviet system, which still operates in our country. But it so happened that more than talk did not get. Because we are late with the processes detsentralition, administrative and territorial reforms, as is done in Poland. And in a rather difficult time for our country should begin this work, "- said the opening session, the RSA chairman Anatoly Olejnik. Director Vinnichiny said: participation in governance of communities directly - great Worldktyka. And Vinnytsia region on the basis of the territorial community Severinovske Zhmerynka district initiates the first concrete steps in implementing decentralization and voluntary association of communities. "I support areas provide opportunities, especially financial, resource and plenipotentiary to independently solve problems. But categorically etc.oty to change the off-site without the consent of communities. International experience indicates that voluntary associations thereof - the way you want to go for us ", - said Anatoly Olejnik. In a meeting with the presentation of the early work on modeling the process of voluntary association of local communities as an example of Vinnytsia region also took part insion's Deputy of Ukraine, co-author of the Law "On a voluntary association of local communities" Sergei Kudlayenko. In particular, he stressed the need to create accessible for people algorithm to understand how the process will unite. And expressed readiness to organize the training workshops - that decentralization does not remain onpaper, and was notable for the people. During the meeting, Associate Analyst Civil Society Institute Alexander Wroblewski, informed the assembly about the background and regulatory support voluntary association of local communities in Ukraine. With regional prerequisites of this process briefed CEONGO "Podolsky Regional Development Agency" Oleg Levchenko. A President "Connection rural communes Pidlyashskoho province" Miroslav Lech shared with partners Polish experience combining community. And after the participants signed a memorandum of cooperation: - To implement the Polish-Ukrainian project "Ukrainian way government" to limits local communities Zhmerynka region Vinnytsia region (between Vinnytsia Regional State Administration, Zhmerinskiy RDA and NGOs "How rural communes Pidlyashskoho Province" and "Podolsky Regional Development Agency"); - On the legal and methodological support of cooperation and voluntary associationsI am interested local communities Zhmerynka region Vinnytsia region (between Vinnytsia Regional State Administration, Zhmerinskiy RDA and NGOs "Podolsky Agency for Regional Development" and "Civil Society Institute"). This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration