In the Lviv region in Borislav attacker tried to bribe a police officer

workers Borislav city police department caught a local resident, who in January made in five burglaries. To police skerovuvaly not asking the Court to elect him on a preventive measure in the form of detention, maliciousik tried to give police officers UAH 1,500. In Borislav police detained 26-year-old man previously convicted in January which committed five thefts. In particular, the New Year's Day attacker nail scissors broke the trunk of the car and stole personal belongings out of the owner in the amount of 1100 USD. Law enforcement officers found thatman stole miscellaneous property, including the attacker robbed friend for over 500 USD in which lived temporarily. Several days later, the suspect entered the yard and stole a local resident women there clothes on the amount of UAH 1,500. In addition, the attacker entered the two houses where stole alcohol and foodfood. So he caused to victims totaling more than 1200 USD. 26-year-old attacker was announced on suspicion of committing criminal offenses under Part 2 185 (theft) and Part 3 185 (theft) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. It was also prepared a request to use a suspect preventive measurecustody. Learning of this, the attacker guardian begged that he would not directed this petition to the court and offered him money in the amount of UAH 1,500, thereby committing the criminal provisions of Clause 3 st.369 (offering or giving undue advantage to an official) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Currently attacker polledtion and released by place of residence. Pre-trial investigation continues. CCA Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Lviv region the materials inspector RN and SP Borislav CF Olga Lernatovych