In Uzhhorod GSO staff caught the thief money from the ATM

* Due signaling and speed GSO employees were terminated stealing money from an ATM located in the territory of the railway station. At 5.17 in the remote central monitoring UDSO region received signal "Alarm" from ATM that is protectedGEO. At the scene - in edifices in Station Uzhgorod immediately sent a detention. Three minutes after receiving the alarm GSO staff came to the room in which the ATM, and found there the attacker. A man is judged the ATM to get the money. Before coming pravoohorontsiv he had a crowbar to damage the body and break the monitor ATM. The attacker was immediately arrested and is applied to it spetszasib - handcuffs. Scrap as evidence police seized. The attacker was a resident Slaljava region. To further clarify the circumstances of the offense and take an appropriate decision procedure it togetherwith exhibits were transferred to employees of Uzhgorod Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Lviv railway. Currently on this incident investigation continues. Information UDSO at MIA Transcarpathian region