In Ternopil employee staffing agency "vhamovuvala" dissatisfied customers understand knife

with a knife from dissatisfied customers decided employee of one of the private companies in Ternopil. The result - two wounded. On the line "102" February 19 was reported from an unknown woman that personnel in the roomsecond company threatened her employees. At the scene left a Rapid Reaction Ternopil city police department, which found that three people - two men and a woman came to us to take their money. - This story lasts from 20 January - says one of the defrauded clients. - The company promised to employ. B andNaqsh case they must return the money within 3-10 days. However, no job, no money service users do not have. People decided to go to the office and take what belongs to them. Dialogue escalated into conflict with the "stabbing". According to the victims, one of the men would take away from the angry workers than firms. The result - one customera shallow cut, and the manager - injured hand. Dvadtsyatytrohrichna employee company claims that the knife pulled out only for self-defense. This event investigators city police department made a single register of pre-trial investigations legal qualification of Article 129, part 1 - threats of murder, which is punishable by imprisonment for up to six months orimprisonment for a term of two years. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region