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Lviv worker cantor defrauded customers by 2.5 million zloumyshlennitsy

, which appropriated money customers threatened to twelve years imprisonment with confiscation of property. Employees of the State Service for Combating Economic Crimes Lucakivskovo district police caught 30-year employee of the currency exchange, which is fraudulentand the way by offering "much more favorable" exchange rate, money appropriated clients. How to set law enforcement, employee Cantor, located in one of Lviv markets during December 2014 - January 2015, received from entrepreneurs who trade on more than 2.5 million, promising to exchange them for dollars and euros for "vyhidnym course. " However, no transactions with the funds zloumyshlennitsy not conducted, but simply appropriated them. Realizing that they were victims of fraud, deceived customers Cantor appealed for help in Lychakivskiy police station. Cantor announced worker suspected of having committed a criminal offense provided Art.190 Part 4 (fraudo) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Sanction article provides for punishment of imprisonment for a term of five to twelve years with confiscation of property. The court chose to suspect as a preventive measure in the form of house arrest. CCA Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Lviv region the materials UDSBEZ Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Lviv region