Rivne region died tragically young

accident occurred in the village pecking Rivne region. During the joint drinking alcohol on unfinished building one of the young men fell and hit his head. By evening, the young man went to bed, but in the morning and did not wake up. Three friends who have not seen, met and started around noonand drink. 25-year-old local resident Vladimir, arm in arm with a friend, and both fell ostupylysya. Men first rose and then Vladimir sat down for a few minutes. After about 14 hours of the boys went to their homes. In the evening, have a son Vladimir invited to eat, but he refused and went to sleep in outerwear. Some claim 'yatoyi am a woman heard a strange noise that came the son of the room. When he came to, I saw Vladimir on the floor. Quick, what immediately came to call, just pronounced him dead young man and his body was sent to the morgue for forensic examination. - Currently, the police opened criminal proceedings under Part 1 of Article115 (murder) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine - the head of the police station Rivne Games Denysyuk. - An examination of the body of the deceased. The preliminary cause of death is closed craniocerebral trauma with fracture of the vault of the skull bones, massive hematoma, bleeding on the dura mater. Injury accompanied by compression and nabuhannyam brain. These injuries are characteristic of a fall from height own growth, but police will check all versions of the incident. Law enforcement officers found that the boy lived with his mother and grandmother, father is dead. Family happy, complaints had been received. The mother was the only son. Maria YUSTYTSKA, Rivneth District Police Ukraine Rivne region

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/