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In Rivne KATP 1728 continues to cooperate with Four paws

At the invitation of the NGO "under the auspices of" February 17, 2015 m. Rivne visited the Project Coordinator in Ukraine from the international organization "Four Paws" (Four paws) Alexander Lyschyshyna. The purpose of the visit was to discuss the details of this year's charity project on the masssterilization of stray animals. Given that previous project in 2014 was successful - 3 weeks vets team prosterylizuvala 235 stray animals, the mayor of Rivne Volodymyr Khomko ordered again to apply international organization "Four Paws" to include the city. Exactly the list of cities participating in the Programme 2015eye. Ms. Alexander met with Acting Chairman of the City Council Andrew Hreschukom, deputy mayor and director Alexei Hmyletskym Housing and Utilities Jaroslav Sahnyukom. Organizational issues were discussed, including the possibility of involvement of local veterinarians sterilization. Organization "chotary paws "plans to again enter into an agreement with KATP 1728, which is a prerequisite for the project. The feature of this year's joint Rivne City Council project is conducting educational activities with the participation of City Department of Education. Get started with regard to climatic conditions scheduled in March and April 2015. PrThis was reported at Rivne City Council