Transcarpathian two firefighters rescued from fires destroying three houses

February 19 in the village. Holubyne Slaljava region there was a fire in the street facilities. Owners mansion at this time was not home. Fire their neighbor noticed that at 14:53 reported the incident to the rescue « 101 & raquo ;. To fight the fire fighters left the 9th stateavnoyi Fire and Rescue parts which the fire under control at 15:19, and at 16:38 it eliminated. Due to its efficiency and coordinated efforts of firefighters rescued from destruction house, located in a few meters from the center of fire and of appliances that remained in the building. The cause of the fire is now ’ yasovuyut police. Damages are set as flame ’ I managed to destroy 18 sq. coverage of buildings, household items, 7 quintals of hay and damage the front door to the street facilities. A similar incident occurred on the same day in the village of Yassin Rakhivsky area. Fire engulfed the street facilities in dvorohospodarstvi where currently no prcomes to life. Fire noticed the inhabitants of the house next door and called back at 16:40 to the investigation and search operations. To eliminate fire guard duty leveraging public fire-rescue post town Yassin and department firefighters 3rd State Fire and Rescue parts. 17:30 firefighters managed to localize the fire and at 17:50 – povnisity curb element. His actions soldiers DSNS prevent the spread of fire to two houses located on both sides of the building. The fire destroyed the building and property that was stored there. Caused investigation. What was the cause of the fire – from ’ yasovuyut police. In DSNS Ukraine in Zakarpatskiy area