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Volyn region, Kovel in the area of ??rescue conduct informational campaign with a population of

February 19 workers Kovel city district department and 21st State Fire and Rescue DSNS figure in Ukraine in the Volyn region, together with representatives of village councils and social services made prophylactically -roz`yasnyuvalnto work with the inhabitants of the settlements Melnitskaya village council (village Windmill, mirin, Kryvlyn, Rudka-Myrynska). First DSNS workers visited villages and lonely elderly people, disadvantaged and large families. During conversations with villagers rescuers emphasized the observance of basic rules of fire safetythe operation of heating, gas and electrical equipment. In addition, firefighters talked to farmers and the prevention of fires in ecosystems. Told about the features of forest firefighting, and torfopoliv Rose ’ yasnyly their complexity – depth of peat sometimes reaches 5 meters and it burns even without air, and thisgreatly complicates the elimination of this type of fire, because fire flares up again and again, even in its place suppression, so the fire can be put out underground creating such bolottsya in peat fire place, reminded also banning the burning of dry vegetation and of responsibility for violations of the law. And in order for people to city ’ yataly of vital Islandszhlyvi safety rules and tips of the basic rules of life safety, rescue workers handed out leaflets and themed city ’ interest. In DSNS in Volyn region