In Ternopil in Buchach, Monastyryska and Podgaetskiy areas checked state of readiness for Emergencies

17-19 February checked on the readiness of command and control, civil defense plans for the special period, evacuation plans and emergency response Buchach, Monastyryska Podgaetskiy and territorial units subfamilyystem single of state civil defense system to react to a functioning territorial subsystems unified state system of civil protection in high availability mode and entities defined mobilization plans in these areas. This was reported in the management of civil protection Ternopil regional stateavnoyi administration. "During the inspections conducted training of management involvement capabilities to eliminate the emergency situation, alert and collecting members of district (city) commission on technogenic and ecological safety and emergencies, and Buchach Monastyryska city evakomisiy" - said principlesnickname Directorate of Civil Protection RSA Eugene evil. According to him, these checks will be conducted in all regions of Ternopil. Recall from January 27 at the Ternopil region has high availability mode. This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration