Bukovina police reminded how to protect your home from the "thieves"

Unfortunately, our homes do not always have adequate protection against intruders. Imagine you get home and your home clutter - inverted way, open the drawer. And your savings are not there. In the home of thieves stayed. And there are times when the Eastannoho owners are unaware of the theft. Because thieves can sneak into houses and apartments by various methods, sometimes unnoticed at first. In most cases, the thieves get into an apartment or a house by the selection key - you need to have a so-called "master key", or just crack the lock. Often thieves fall into flatsand or homes through windows. Indeed, many leave them half open or unlocked. To zahystysya, is to establish protective shutters or metal lattice. Learned attackers and vzlamuvaty plastic windows. Indeed, if the room set simple metal-plastic windows, the attacker will need an average of 6 seconds to it inzlomaty. If the profile fortified, then, of course, a little longer. Much depends on hiding places. Freezer, mattresses, sanitary equipment, furniture, books - no longer reliable. Look for other options. Also it is necessary to hide money and valuables parts. Chances are that if a thief and find a hiding place, at the same time and get some sleep and restshyt disappear from the scene. So basic tips owners: - Always close the door, even when you go to the store or to the neighbors; - Do not leave anywhere keys to the apartment, and not transfer them to third parties; - In case of loss of at least one of the keys - immediately replace or internal lock mechanism; - Strong and reliable door lock optiyzhuye probability of penetration of unwanted guests in your home. And to feel the most secure, take care of clock surveillance by technical means of protection. And you should not worry for their good. He must protect. So Listen to the advice of experts and you and your home will be safe! SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine toChernovtsy region

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/