Khmelnytsky improve police skills possession of small arms (+)

Employees of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Khmelnitsky region regularly take part in anti-terrorist operations in the east, where mastery of small arms - the key to saving his own life and the lives of civilians. Therefore, management holds regular navconstitutive shooting in the dash and on the ground. At one of the city's landfills Khmelnytsky held shooting training of personnel of the Regional Department of the Interior. Classes are conducted to improve the skills of possession and handling of firearms. At present firing workers of all structural units MIA -investigators, officers of the Criminal Investigation departments to combat drug trafficking and economic crime, district, personnel officers and others. Before the start of classes for all participants was conducted briefing during which outlined the responsible direction and sectors of fire, rules for arms and ammunition, order engage targets, as wellOJ requirements of safety. During the day, officers practiced shooting with Kalashnikov performing by order of the exercises, then all passed the tests. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Khmelnytsky region