Written translation

written translation

Though "World translation" agency is a young company, but it has already managed to attract a huge number of regular customers and established itself in the best way. So our agency makes different kinds of translations from 12 languages ​​and being improved all the time.

Not everyone knows a foreign language, but almost everyone sometimes needs to translate something: scientific article, document, poem, song, instructions, etc. Many who think that services of translation agency will cost very expensive, and preferably ask their friends (poor translators), who know a foreign language at satisfactory level. At all this friends are doing this translation not for free. Very often the result of their work wishes the best and people anyway go to the professionals, and as a result overpay twice. Therefore we recommend you to order the translation at once in the experts who have linguistic education.

Criteria of quality translation:

  • translation completely displays the contents of the original text;
  • must be complied all the rules and norms of spelling;
  • must be correctly specified and explained all the abbreviations and acronyms;
  • all terms should be translated authentically and accurately;
  • translation should not contain ambiguous interpretations of sentences or fragments of the text.

written translation

Specialists of "World translation" agency can achieve an ideal result, that meets all these requirements. Also our agency has staff of pagemakers, editors and managers who will be able to provide quality formatting and design of the prepared translation in accordance with all your requirements. If the original text contains: charts, graphs, drawings, pictures or other graphical objects, it  will not complicate us to move them into the translation.

"World translation" makes the following types of written translation:

  • economic;
  • literary;
  • medical;
  • juridical;
  • technical;
  • etc.

The cost of translation depends on:

  • using of the glossary;
  • text complexity;
  • theme of the text;
  • urgency;
  • additional client's wishes.

Written translation requires a special approach. "World translation" will select for you professionals, who are knowledgeable in the desired area. There are specialists in the agency, who can make competent and quality translation of humanitarian, economical, medical, juridical documents, articles and texts. Most of our translators besides philological education have also the 2nd higher education, that allows them to cope with specific orders.