Volkova Swetlana Alexandrovna


Name: Volkova Swetlana Alexandrovna

Location: Kharkiv city. str. 23 August 26

Marital status: Married

Mobile phone: 063-715-96-06 (call from 10:00 to 18:00)

E-mail: holovneva@gmail.com

Skype: swetlana.holovnova

To enhance my professional qualifications. Put into practice the knowledge and desire to to realize a wish to become a universal translator.

Education: Graduate

The university: Kharkov Institute of Social Progress

Faculty: Foreign philology (German, English) and computational linguistics

Study mode: Full-time

From 2006 and until now - a translator of German in 5 translation agencies.

The main duty:
- Translation of business mailings and documentation;
- Translation of texts of legal, economic, technical, scientific,
medical, pharmaceutical, and other subjects;
- Support for conferences, negotiations, business meetings;
- Maintenance of telephone conversations in German;
- Translation of web-sites;
- Translation of artistic literature.

01.09.2005 - 31.08.2006 - foreign language teacher (German) in a secondary school.


Foreign language:
German - fluent
English - Elementary Level
Learn the Italian language

- Office package (Word, Excel, Power Point), Open Office, Libre Office
- ECDL certificate

Interests / Hobbies: Volleyball, travelling, participation in social organizations.

Recommendations from previous jobs: there are (available on request)

Additional Information:
- Sociable
- Communication skills
- Punctual
- Careful