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In the social network Vkontakte virus appeared

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Today in the spacex Social network Vkontakte , a new virus that spreads at a frantic pace. Malicious module was disguised reference to the record on one of the pages. Link this led to the application, which was flooded in the network hacker who had not previously usedyl widely known. This information resource.

The essence of the new virus in the social network Vkontakte

So, what is the essence of the virus, its harmful qualities. When a user clicks a link, locatedin the post, the site Vkontakte run in the browser animation and changing the color elements. Social network behaved unusually. Against the background of the song was included artist PSY – Gentleman. But the most important and most interesting not even that, and that the application has also made recordings repost with malicious links on the pagee of the user who has passed over this link. Moreover, the application can be placed on the wall recording each group or a public page, where the user is an administrator.

This virus is scored as many as 80 thousand Fortress in just 30 minutes and was named the most spread rapidly in the history of social < span class = "key_hl "title =" Keyword "> network . Indeed, a considerable speed and if the attacker has placed in the recording of an advertisement or a request to send money, some of these 80,000 people brought him a substantial profit. But, as he said himself a hacker , the application does not imply the application of any harm to users and their computers although all of these peposty and distortion of the site can be called the infliction of harm.

The creators of the virus

The creator of this « loud » application was Irek Mavliev. He posted on his page Vkontakte entry as follows: « pofanitsya and decided to have some spareilit such a thing - « link to the app & raquo ;. It seems to happen a fun & raquo ;. It later emerged that the application has been developed not only Irek, but two more people. They were Alexander Grebenshchikov and Levick Loktionov.

In fact, these three hackers had already done a lot of noise. In due time they have been hacked Straence Paul Durov, who is the founder of social network Vkontakte . As now, at that time the hackers had no bad intentions, they just left a note on the page creator with text « Hello from Lvki, Yreka, Sasha and Kotanov 3 & raquo ;.

Irek Mavliev commented on the events and said that no vulnerabilities Vkontakte not. Creating a new application is only possible because of incorrect class work “ ExternalInterface & rdquo ;. It was at this interface and crept mistake that managed to find a hackEPAM.

After some time since the publication of record on the wall Yreka malicious application in the social network Vkontakte has been blocked by the administration for spreading malicious content.

Drewgoy virus that spread through social network Vkontakte

Immediately want to remember another famous type virus that spreads through the Vkontakte . However, it is also only affect the operation of this site. In the hosts file, the Windows operating system had been prescribed a special code, which blocked access to the site the user Vkontakte . The script works on the principle of phishing sites and could send the username and password from the site Vkontakte attacker. But that's not it, but the fact that social network You are notified that his page was blocked. The tricks were notified of new messages. To unlock the page the user had to OTPcitation needed a text message from your phone to the number attacker with a specific text. Of course, for such a message from the sender to write off the balance of a considerable amount of money. The whole design of the site Vkontakte and shape recovery look like real access and the user can not distinguish them.

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