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In the modern production of building materials used multicomponentmixture, increased requirements to the process of mixing (mixing), since the quality of products depends largely on the degree of homogeneity of the finished mixture. Technological aim of the mixing process is to obtain a mixture with a constant value close to the density of the material and the uniform distribution of each component in each portion of thebemsya.

For the preparation of concrete or mortar mixers are used, which can be distinguished by the following criteria:

  1. technological purpose - to prepare various types of concrete mixtures (heavy, silicate, cellular, and others.) Or mortars;
  2. Mode - cyclic taps and mixers for continuous duty;
  3. The mixing method - gravitational and forced action (blade);
  4. Mobility - stationary or mobile mixers.

In cyclic mixers starting components are mixed in batches. This mode allows to adjust the mixing time depending on the composition of the mixture. In continuous mixers loading and delivery of raw materials are premixed without breaks. They are used in the mass production of solutions ready-mix(Floors, plasters).

The scope of use, variety of concrete mixers

Mobile Concrete used for objects with a small amount of concrete, and concrete mixers stationary type used on concrete plants, designed for continuous operation, productionFirst of concrete and concrete mixes sale.

Concrete gravity

In the fall mixer components are mixed in a mixing drum with fixed blades on its walls. When the mixing drum rotates, the components of the mixture rise blades and under the action of gravitydumped down. The components of the mixture are moved along the drum and also through divergent angles of the blades and the conical drum walls.
Drum rotation frequency is low, since otherwise centrifugal forces will prevent the circulation of inertia mixture, so that the intensity of mixing in mixers off machins forced type. At the same time, preparation of the concrete in the fall mixer is low, depending on the properties of the components of the mixture is from 60 to 120 seconds.
The advantages of gravity mixers are simple construction maintenance and operation and the possibility of the preparation of mixtures with a large size command-lnitelya.

compulsory mixer type

Concrete forced type with a rotating paddle shaft is used for the preparation of concrete and mortar mixes different mobility, stiffness with aggregate size up to 70 mm. By design scheme are divided into vertical shaft mixers siltand a horizontal blade shaft. Especially the best use of these machines for preparing mixtures of hard. The intensity of mixing in forced mixers are slightly higher than gravity.
These mixers are structurally more complex and more metal is much more expensive. Maintenance and operation of these mixers is to proharass trained personnel. Therefore, for individual building or small construction companies are most often used concrete mixers gravity.
The main parameter is the cyclic mixers capacity of the mixing drum. Currently gravity mixers RRF available with a volume of 100, 120, 132, 150, 170, 190, 220, 260, 440, 500, 800, 1200 liters Stroymash plant also produces a horizontal grout forced vane shaft of 80, 150, 200 and 300 liters.

What should I look for when choosing a concrete mixer?

When selecting the mixer, it is advisable to pay attention to sos parameters: Does he have a robust design, degree of protection of important sites from damage and exposure to adverse weather conditions (rain). Mixer must not have large dimensions and be able to easily move both in the site and from one object to another.

Gravity mixers RRF

Gravity mixers RRF, that the market of the Ural region supplies Construction company, allow to obtain concrete mixtures with high quality.
The manufacturer is constantly working on market research of construction equipment, analyzed, supported by a direct relationship with consumersand, based on these events continue to make improvements to its products and develop new models of construction equipment. All mixers have issued certificates of conformity, and thus checked for safety work and environmental safety. Production of concrete mixers SBR system is certified according toRelated ISO 9001. The warranty period is 12 months. RRF please visit the company "Construction».

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