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How to handle the facade of a wooden house

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As the saying goest the people, « Meet on clothes & raquo ;, it is increasingly,   only applies to people, but the same can be said about the house. Yes, it is about the house, because the first thing we pay attention - this is on the facade of the building, which gives the house a finished appearance and reflects his whole style.

Appearance is very importantfor a country home , as the facade – that person home , and the wood, we can say the skin. In both cases, need special care and attention, so you should carefully choose the means to care for house paints, lacquers, preservatives, etc.opitki.

And so, that it is necessary to know when processing facade home ?

One of the traditional forms of suburban housing – . It is selected because it has a large positive quality characteristics. However, it hasnot only positive characteristics, but also negative. Wood, as well as any other material that has the properties of an environment exposed to rain, sun, wind and snow. All this adversely affects the material. Therefore, in order to save your house the way you like it, you need to take care of the proper handling of FASYes.

How to save your home safely?

In addition, you need to build a house, it still should be able to keep. There are a number of factors that negatively affect the conservation of home , – this fungus, The processes of decay, insect activity, etc. Buildings made of wood is very influenced by these factors. Therefore, to protect the house, which is very dear to you, you need to properly care for it. The walls of the wooden home need to handle antiseptics. Among the many versions of the followinguet select Opaque, antiseptics, which completely covers the structure of the tree, as well as glazing, preserving the texture (this includes stains, glazes). So you have the option to choose either colored or colorless antiseptics, as they may form a film or absorbed into the surface. To find exactly what wam fit, you need to know what results you want to achieve.

Front assembly antiseptics

In order to protect the facade of the fungus should be treated with antiseptics facade. These compositions comprise substances such as Salitsilovaya acid, boric and benzoic. Also used are acetate composition and iodoform. Processing house these tools, you can be sure that prolong the life of your home. Now there are many tools that have chemical composition. These tools include repellents, which were produced onbased safe silicone. These funds penetrate deep into the wood, creating a water-repellent layer. This method allows the wood « breathe ».

Protection of wood against fungi: "silvering".

Another no less popular method of protecting wood against fungi – &Laquo; silver & raquo ;. But in this way, there is one « & raquo ;, but this method is suitable only for softwood. This tool is a   solution of different types of soap and water. This accelerates the leaching solution timber which occurs naturally, that allows the tree to combat harmfulmicroorganisms. When processing wood such means, it becomes a beautiful silver color. &Nbsp;  

Zaschitita wood from rotting

Protect the wood from rotting can be by means such as antiseptics, oily, water-soluble organo   paste.

Who is the oily antiseptics?

These tools are quite stable in a very humid environment. Such funds are not washed out sediments and is not subjected to metal corrosion. But this kind of assets minus -   sharp unpleasant odor, which is very long will youtrouble.

The water-soluble antiseptics

As for the water-soluble antiseptics, they are suitable for heavy temperature and humidity conditions. And borne antiseptics - highly toxic, so that can penetrate deeply into the wood. Antiseptic paste pomOguchi protect the elements of the structure, which during processing are often subjected to excessive wetting.

To protect your insect, you need to cover the timber with a special solution that will deter pests from such a delicious wood for them.

Protection home fire

From the fire will protect the house fireproof impregnation, within which there are flame retardants or flame retardants. Deposited on the surface of such funds, which have not yet been processed varnishes and paints.But before applying means, it is necessary to make sure that the wood is dry.

All impregnation virtually washed away. But after you have caused them to the surface of wood, paint or fix the result of varnish. And that defense was stronger, use the following working wood varnishesand impregnations from the same manufacturer.

Paint home

Always take care about the safety of home at once, rather than after the first signs of deterioration etc.revesiny.

On the Protection of home from insects, microorganisms, fire taken care of, and now the time has come to paint the house. And then there is the problem of choosing paints for wood. Dye materials of this kind can be divided into natural and synthetic.

Synthetic paint

good paint colors are considered to be among the synthetic acrylic, which are based on polyacrylics. Synthetic dyes are not only disadvantages but also advantages. They perfectly cover the surface, and do not fade with time. This kind of coverage wouldStraw dry after application, do not crumble, and not peel or crack. Another advantage of acrylic paints is excellent resistance to temperature and humidity changes. One, but significant, minus synthetic dyes – allergic reactions, which may be caused by this kind of paint.

Natural dyes

In the production of natural dyes are used only vegetable and mineral substances. Plus, natural colors more than the synthetic. Molecules natural dyes tend to penetrate into the pores of the wood, thus not clogthem.   Natural dyes produced oil, water and wax-based. Water-based paints good refractory agent. Oil paints – good antiseptics.

What color to choose?

What color to choose? &Ndash; this is the main question of all owners home . Undoubtedly, the choice of colors home should pay attention to the color of the roof. Facade and roof should « friends & raquo ;. Also note the color combination of home and environmentalenvironment. Everything must be in harmony. Details of the facade can be isolated, making them accents. Think well before you paint the house, because if you do not like the end result, repaint it into something else it will be difficult. To know for sure, at the site of the facade, which is hard to notice, apply the paint and see how it is withMotril at different times of day. This experiment will help you make the right choice.

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