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Decorating kitchen plastic panels


It has long izvewalls fact - the walls of our homes are very far from perfect. To align them, it takes time, money and a lot of effort. There are different ways to solve this problem, but the most uncomplicated and inexpensive method represented by counsel, - plastic panels . As a variety of colors, high quality, easy maintenanceand long-term operation of these panels make an excellent material to update your kitchen . Well, let's look at the main advantages, simplicity and practicality of this type of building material.

Finish kitchen plastic panels - a task that can be easily implemented in a short time and without any superhuman. How to Measure the wall, you can buy the right amount of panels, as well as additional accessories - screws, and different parts of the timber. &Nbsp;

Tos plastic panels for walls kitchen as long as possible pleased with its appearance, it is recommended to use only high-quality building materials for finishing. To date, finish kitchen plastic Control Panel (still referred to as panels of polyvinyl chloride - simply put PVC) will meet the standards, and therefore is widely used by the population. Plastic panels for kitchen eco-friendly and high-quality, and it is not necessary to pay attention to colloquialOVOR that the plastic is very brittle and waste material. PVC panels affordable cost with high moisture resistance. They do not swell under the influence of the vapor often present in the kitchen. Plastic panels for kitchen are not afraid of mold and mildew. The smooth surface of the panfirs mimics natural stone and wood, which creates a real comfort in the kitchen.  

How to decorate a kitchen plastic panels ? &Nbsp;

To begin the installation need to batten wall surfaces Brousseaum. The distance between them should not be more than one meter, otherwise the plastic panel droop. Bruce is attached perpendicularly plastic panel. Raising frame, you need to make level horizontally and vertically, to ensure proper installation. Having done this, you can sheathe kitchen plastic panels .

Next installing fasteners - front strip and corners (on the outside and the inside). The first panel is inserted into the mounting plate and immediately check the level of the location in order to avoid irregularities. The panel should be transversely floor and secured across the once forINE. After the first strip is attached with screws or nails, and in fixing the shelf fits the following model. It is very important - to prevent gaps between the panels . Other panels are mounted on the same principle. The last panel is mounted to the inner corner, and then in the penultimate slotsecond panel. By the way, the wires should hide in advance to disassemble after construction. Finish kitchen plastic panels starts from the corner to the window or door. Or you can go from the left corner to the right. &Nbsp;

Plastikovye panel for kitchen are divided into several types. They come and wall and ceiling. The first panel is very hard, and it is a rigid structure. But the ceiling option is very light and delicate. Therefore, such panels lean requires special relationship to themselves, HACCPdeleterious movement and assembly. Even a small, but wrong move could adversely affect the appearance of the panel - will dent that pretty spoil the appearance of the ceiling. &Nbsp;

The panels for the ceiling in the kitchen, as well as the wall can be different widths, colors and texture. The choice is great: glossMatt panel (white), an imitation of materials for decoration, such as marble, wood, etc.

Important in self-installing plastic panels - be careful and follow the instructions. But reliable to invite a specialist, and then the appearance of kitchen will Radovafive years.

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