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Bath to give your hands


Construction bath

Do you have a cottage and you thinksomething is missing? Yes, you're right, not enough bath! Do not think that the most difficult to build a sauna, if you wish, you can do everything. If you built the house themselves,   it should take up another thing – to build a bathhouse! We all have our ways of construction baths. Wealthy residents build saunas such as Finnish and Turkish andpay for it a lot of money when we can construct a Russian bathhouse, which is so adored everything. By the way, you can construct a bath first, because it is possible to live there until you finish the construction. Before construction project you need to think well, as you will build bathhouse , since some building bath with indentations on the ground, adding there hot stones and pouring water there soared. About this you should think about what and how to build a sauna. Think, probably, it is necessary to find the estimates,   without which it is impossible toimagine the construction of a bath.   But this is not the first thing that will need to think about. But first you'll think, where do you need to build on it.

Many people believe that the country, where there is a greenhouse or kitchen, do not build bathhouse , as there is dampness and odors. In fact, if you hygiene and have a good waterproofing problems you will not have to smell or dampness. Professional builders baths are advised to build the entrance to a veranda or better nto build in the shade place to relax. If you still be a swimming pool where you can swim after a bath, you will have the best cottage.

Dimensions baths

Dimensions baths, small villas, baths choose the size - 6x6 meters, or 6x4. If you do not need a big room, you can build a sauna with the size – 3,5h3,5 metrov, which can be located recreation room and fit it with no problems. Still need to think about the location of toilets, showers, changing rooms and storage space for fuel and so on. For small pools, where it will be a waiting room, you can just put a vestibule with hangers and shelves for clothes.

The foundation baths

Build bath to be a hard place, the best on the rocks, dry, dense soil is not suitable for construction. First, lay the foundation – crowns, which should be treated with antisepticredstvami and pour the hot bitumen. Stones put in the corners, along the walls, that is, where it joins the inner and outer walls. The remaining empty spaces are filled with clay.

This is the easy option of foundation, even though it is light, but it is chosen very small. Am often witnessed the foundation of the belt or screw.

For those cton the chosen style belt foundation, I will tell you that this foundation is very simple and reliable, it will suffice you for years to come. First you have to be 20 centimeters of sand and then pour it should be compacted and water. After exactly the same thickness navigate rubble and it rebar and pour concrete all.

Screw – ethat foundation, the basis of which is concrete or metal piles.

The walls of the bath

The walls are best put of logs or timber, as it is more beautiful and more useful, because the tree breathes, and the best baths are always made of wood. If you could not get a logs , you can use natural stones, bricks and other concrete products. Their advantage is that they are safe and durable. In the stage of development of the baths, when people wanted to use inexpensive materials, spread frame walls.

If you have chosen the construction of the tree, the salary banand should be made of large logs and place it needs to be right on the waterproofing layer. Salary to be treated with antiseptic materials and cross-bars to cover salaries.

On the other construction can learn here -

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