How to choose a WordPress plugin?

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WordPress is one of the most powerful CMS websites in the world. The best in WordPress is that you can extend its functionality with numerous plugins and transform your life into what you want, whether it's a web community website, online store, web site portfolio, website membership, online magazine, etc. the list is as endless as your imagination.

If you visit you will see that the number of extensions is absolutely incredible more than 20 000, and the larger the range, the more difficult the choice. However, when you select a plugin, you should not take the first thing that get into your eyes, you need to consider several options. By the way, the site contains 30 ocsa plugins for WordPress.

That's why when you choose any WordPress plugin, you need to pay attention to a few important parameters that shape the confidence to expand. When you rely on a plugin, you can expose your website to many kinds of risk. Therefore, we will discuss the problem with plugins and things you need to consider just before you install them.


How often do you update the plugin?

Those plugins that were released many years ago, may not work in the latest versions of WordPress simply because it is not optimized for them. When using the administrative web interface for plugins click Plugins, Add new , and WordPress will tell you how many days have passed since the last update of a particular plugin.


Can you find other works by this author?

As a rule, it is not of primary importance, but it would be useful to know whether you can trust the author of the plugin. Freelance developers will have more time for one project, while the full-time developers have more time for bug fixes and updates. Check the home page for the plugin to get an idea about its author.

Think about it: if the home page of the plugin has not been updated in 1-2 years, you will remain on it for longer than 10 seconds? Well, if home plug-in was recently updated and has attracted a lot of comments, it's a pretty good sign.


Is a plugin critical to your design?

Be careful to trust the most important elements of your design components outside of the nucleus WordPress. It can be very painful when the plugin performs exactly what you want.


How highly regarded the plugin, and how many people it estimated?

Ratings put up from 1 to 5 stars. Average rating common, useful plugins about 3.5 stars. All the above - this is very cool!


were the plugin has been tested with the current WordPress version?

Normally test the plugin with any version of WordPress is not difficult, and if it is deprecated in latest version of WordPress - be careful when it is selected.


is There a selected plug-in on the official website

Most of the plugins available for WordPress can be found at and honestly, this is the best place to get extensions.

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