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I guess everyone is used to standard cement bags of 50 kg. But there are still 1-in the kind of packaging big-bag (FIBC) is a soft container with a waterproof liner or other packaging which reliably protects the cement from contamination and moisture. These containers have a volume of 1-3 tons and are made of propylene or nylon slings. In MD you can store cement in the open areas and nothing to fear. These bags are much easier to ship + loading more dense and convenient, all thanks to their softness. As a result, the consumption of cement in big bags is growing steadily. By the way, for an affordable price it can be purchased on the website .

In the carriage of cement must take into account a caveat: this material absorbs moisture, which, in turn, may destroy its basic properties. When you need to deliver to the construction site not a few tens of kilograms of cement, a few tons, then in the foreground the reliability. Because even the best cement easily loses its strength in poor packaging this comes up that it is in any case can not be transported in the clear, and store in paper bags, packaging, handicraft production or in bulk at open construction sites. In order to avoid such problems, advise to buy cement M500 to 1 MT in big bags of large polypropylene bags that have a laminated coating. These bags have long proved themselves as the ideal means of protection of various materials from exposure to adverse environmental conditions, especially atmospheric precipitation.

in addition, the most pressing problem, which is often experienced by people who buy dry building materials is the inability to calculate the exact weight and volume of the delivered material, and all because it is not Packed. MD decided this question! They are the guarantee of precision when packing, which, in turn, occur on automated equipment.

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