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Staining of a suburban facade in most cases is divided into two stages prepare the surface for the coating itself .

it is Important to say that the first point is decisive, because it depends on him how to paint the structure as efficiently as possible. Apply the composition to the surface that is not trained is not recommended, because in this case you will not be provided proper conditions for the adhesion of the composition and not followed the advice regarding the treatment of the wood from the negative biological effects.

What are the steps involves preparation of the facade? If the structure is new, it will be enough to clean the surface from dirt substances, which are on hand, but if you want to paint a new facade, it is desirable to remove traces of old paint and get rid of mold. If some parts damaged, should be repaired, cracks with putty, and irregularities to clean up. The inclusion of metal, for example, the nail heads must be covered with primer. By the way, the final alignment strongly recommended using a primer.

it is Important to know! After this range of jobs will be finished, the surface is preferably in a couple of days leave intact until complete drying.

Speaking directly about applying coatings, it runs in sequence. To reinforce the protective properties of wood certain it is impregnated with antiseptic and applied to so-called finish, which included a couple of layers of paint and primer on wood. Painting old and new surfaces is carried out with the same sequence, but in this case it is advisable to take into consideration some of the highlights:

    the facade of the old buildings should be painted with same paint that was used first; the

  • while painting an old tree doesn't need to work with roller, because the structure due to cyclic razboieni formed cavities in which the paint on the shaft will not be able to fill. Here, it is desirable to give preference to the brush;
  • the
  • coatings should be applied only on dry surfaces. In the case if you plan on staining in several layers, it is necessary to observe restraint.

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