Laminate flooring: the Main advantages

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called Laminate flooring that imitates hardwood. It has its " + " and "-". Unlike natural flooring laminate flooring is not made from wood and HDF (molded at high temperatures under pressure), then directly apply polymer decorative layer that is protected by a durable film.

If you look at the laminate in appearance it is quite difficult to distinguish from other natural flooring (parquet). Now the production of this coating developed very strongly, and its texture can simulate how all types of wood and different types of materials, such as granite, marble, different patterns and pictures.



Laminate has the following structure:

  • Top layer. Consists of melamine resin (protective coating) and provides resistance to continuous stress and mechanical stress;
  • Decorative layer. It is specially treated paper which simulates different types of wood or other design solutions;
  • Cardboard. This Kraft paper that is impregnated with a resin that glued PVC with pattern;
  • base layer. This is a wood-fiber plate high density (HDF). Most companies-proizvoditi use moisture proof HDF, which prevent swelling of the panels in the castle compound directly in contact with the moisture between the joints;
  • a Stabilizing layer. It is needed for stabilization of the geometric parameters of a plate.

Main "+" of laminate:

  1. best prices. The cost of this flooring is significantly lower than the floorboard. By the way, you can see on the website;
  2. It is very resistant to pressure, stress and abrasion. It does not leave dents and other traces of various heavy objects. In addition, you can safely move furniture with wheels - scuffs and scratches are not afraid of him;
  3. It is excellently resistant to high temperatures. This floor does not require re-polishing and tsiklevok - just wipe with a damp cloth;
  4. Laminate flooring is eco-friendly product, which does not contain toxic chemical substances harmful to human health does not accumulate on itself dirt and bacteria. In addition, it is hypoallergenic, so you can not afraid to lay it in the nursery;
  5. It is very easy to install. The laying of this flooring can be done even amator;
  6. Durability. Laminate floors (of course, with proper styling) can last 10 years.

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