The Geology of the area: Why should it need to do?

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before the creation of project documentation and more prior to the start of construction of a cottage or private house, it is desirable to carry out engineering-geological surveys directly on the site, where to stand, future home. It must be done in order to identify the appropriate design of the structure, type of Foundation + the possibility of flooding and land subsidence.
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the Result of this research shows whether you can build in the specific area, as well as problems that may occur during operation and construction of the building. Geological conditions chosen for development of the site must be checked at the stage of purchase the plot. This will provide an opportunity to assess the possible costs of the construction of the house, as well as risks. It is not enough just to build a building, you have to be 100% confident in its long-term operation, comfort and reliability. Need to protect the building, not just from all kinds of external factors, but also from the adversities of nature.

be Sure to take note!!! In the majority of cases, the neglect of the engineering geological surveys, just leads to enormous financial costs, as well as constraints in the construction of buildings and structures, and the future of their operation.


min recommended number of wells for each building taking on the basis of its dimensions in plan:

  • to 10 10 m - 2 ve-pieces;
  • up to 15 15 m - 3 pieces;
  • to 20 20 m - 4-d pieces.

Some of the particularly cost-conscious customers want to bypass the engineering-geological surveying party, but often ignoring the conduct of these surveys very quickly leads to serious problems: cracks in the structure itself, and this is not the worst, sagging Foundation, the annual flooding of the basement groundwater, etc. Quite often, these natural processes make enterprising people ready to demolish the building and build the house again.

therefore, that all of the above problems you walked side - order geotechnical and sleep well!in

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