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global Web gave us a unique chance of earning and it's texts at home. Currently, this activity is very popular, because in the majority of cases of newly created content before it is published on the Internet in need of literary treatment. For example, experts involved in the preparation of various technical materials very often make literary mistakes. Conversely, professional copywriters and good journalists may not be aware of all the intricacies of the topic and, as a result, to allow all sorts of semantic inaccuracies. No text editor in this case, you simply can not do.

the value of the edit text directly depends on the task. The main thing is to find a 1st or a few regular customers who, in turn, gives you orders in the future. Well, when you make a name for yourself and gaining popularity, the waiting list to vospolzovatsya your services increase exponentially.


varieties of editing texts:

  1. Technical editing (editing). A copywriter is that every day, writes a couple of articles, simply ceases to notice grammatical, spelling, lexical errors, and minor inaccuracies. The main task of the editor is attentive parecida the text and fix any flaws of the author. While the source material does not require global processing;
  2. Edit content (styling). This kind of text editing is more creative, because the existing text is necessary not just to read carefully and also to make it more impressive. At the same time, removed the expressions and phrases that do not meet the chosen style, introduces the special vocabulary and technical details. This kind of editing is much more complicated editing;
  3. peer revision (removal of inaccuracies, and correcting of technical mistakes). Copywriter just physically can not understand all spheres of life without exception, that is why some of the texts may contain inaccurate information. The main task of the expert is to eliminate inaccuracies, it needs to make the material more relevant and competent. Such correction is especially popular at the time of writing articles on medical, construction, legal issues, where critical is the use of the most fresh information and professional terms;
  4. Decrease text size (shrink). 1 first kind of refinement is the reduction of finished materials that need to reduce the watery article;
  5. Literary editing (rewriting). There are materials, which, when the light changes they just can not be used in advertising and other purposes. There needs to be a rewriting of the text, in fact its full rewriting. In this case, can change the direction of the work, style, but the meaning remains the same. Literary editing can be either deep (100 % rewrite article) or surface (add phrases, replacing words with synonyms).

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