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The Dagestan stone is the best material for lining

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Dagestan stone is a material for facades, behind which many people are willing to go even to the edge of the world. Next, we consider its main purpose, and why this material is such a huge demand and tell us about it employee of the company "Anfas", which deals and and delivery of the Dagestan stone in the Krasnodar Region.

Dagestan stone is able to turn any house into a fortress and make the fence a perfect setting. This material is high-quality finishing element. It is nothing but tiles made from natural stone. Huge interest in this material due to its practicality and versatility. This tile can give a majestic look to any building. About this article say: "He is the best, not 1-in from spectacular!".

Beautiful house is of course gorgeous, but not the most important thing. The ideal option is one where the home's exterior at the same time meets all the demands placed on it.

a Huge advantage of the Dagestan stone is further strengthening the house. This material is environmentally friendly, resistant to temperature changes, and does not absorb moisture. This tile does not retain dirt and it is also used even in the decoration of fountains and fences. A color variety of the Dagestan stone can brick facade of the fence and house, combining different shades.

in addition, this type of finish stands out among other options the possibility of mounting in wet weather. Of course, not welcome direct ingress of moisture on the tiles, in this case the culprit is the glue, which is quite able to lose the ability to connect the elements. That's why no one conducts installation work directly under the pouring rain! And in finishing plastered houses it is necessary to apply a grid, such devices not only require a brick house.


Varieties of the Dagestan stone:

  • Shell;
  • Sandstone;
  • Dolomite;
  • Limestone.

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