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Society has become more open, that is evident in modern architecture, in particular, the widespread and broad use of window designs. Unfortunately, this solution not only attracts customers (if we are talking about the store), but also causes an unhealthy interest in the criminal elements. To protect your property without compromising its interior/exterior design, marketing solutions, using protective shutters. To choose the right model, order them stopped and installation on the site , which is the official Internet page of a company standard With a dedicated roll-down door systems.

What's this?

From a technical point of view, the blinds represent articulated, bladed design, which has the ability to move along the vertical axis of the opening (window, door) on special side guides. This approach allows you to raise or lower the fabric of the blinds, respectively, opening or closing the object. In this regard, the blinds resemble Venetian blinds, but they have fundamental differences due to the place of installation and functions:

  • first, each of the slats/ slats/profiles, has a direct articulation with the adjacent lamellae (upper and lower);
  • the
  • second, the profile is not rotated around its horizontal axis, that is, the regulation of the luminous flux is only possible through the lifting/lowering leaf;
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  • third, form, size and connecting of the slats force the developers to use a different principle of folding cloths. In this case the United strips are wound around the horizontal shaft. He is in the protective casing of functional and aesthetic considerations.


Because the market as a whole, and in company With Norm in particular, this list of products is quite wide, the choice must take into account some basic criteria:

    drive Type. For this option, each roller system can be divided into manual (rope, propeller, etc.) and automatic (electric);

    profile Type. There are several types of blades, however, all of them can be divided according to the method of manufacturing a rolling and extruded. In the first case, the profile is formed from a strip of aluminum and typically is filled with foam material. It in addition provides excellent thermal insulation properties. In the second case, the profile is formed by the technology of injection molding of the molten aluminum mass. Such lamellae are hollow without any filler, but have excellent resistance to cracking;

    mounting. Install blinds can be both external and internal sides of the room. However, the design can be an invoice (box located outside the dimensions of the walls) or integrated (box is in the envelope window/door opening).

All of the blinds offered by the company With the Norm , meet high quality standards, perfectly protect from illegal entry, bad weather, excessive noise, saves energy and perfectly fit into any design.

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