What are the varieties of ceramic tiles?

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Ceramic tile is a natural building material, for the production of which used different varieties of clay that is fired at a sufficiently high temperature. Next, we consider what are the varieties of ceramic tiles and tell us about them employee online store kafel-plitka.com.ua and which sells the best in Kiev.


Varieties of ceramic tile:

  • Terraria. This ceramic tile produced via a double firing. For its release, using more expensive raw materials (fluxes, Sands and clays), it has a white color and is used for internal. lining the walls of various buildings;
  • Majolica. This ceramic tile is manufactured by pressing. It is covered with an opaque glaze, and it goes double glazing is, in turn, makes it water-resistant, durable, and resistant to alkalis and acids. It is often used for internal. lining the walls of various buildings;
  • Cotto. This unglazed porous utile. This tile has a high enough fur. strength, which can be used for the arrangement of floors within the different areas;
  • GRES (porcelain stoneware). This unglazed mica, quartz and kaolin clay, which is produced by pressing. This tile has a high abrasion resistance, and its hardness close to granite. Thanks to its homogeneous structure, GRES does not change color in areas of scratches and chips. Ceramic granite has a minimum water absorption ( 0,5 %) and it is resistant to alkalis, acids and stains. It is used for the arrangement of floors that require high frost resistance and be strong enough to wear. In addition, the front surface keramgranit also sometimes polished;
  • Clinker. This tile is made of very hot, natural clay. Clinker is the hardest of all ceramic materials. This ceramic tile has a high fur. strength, resistance to chemical. substances and abrasion, which enables the use of clinker for the device ceramic stairs, pool facing, exterior and interior flooring.

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